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Advertising Category: W

A wide area information server (WAIS), pronounced "ways" is a older part of the Internet that allows one to search through gopher databases. Useful for finding scientific or technical information.

Web Page
A document that can contain text, graphics, sound or video and displayed in a browser window accessible on the world wide web. Multiple web pages make up a "web site".

Web Server
A computer connected to the Internet for the purpose of serving a web sites web pages to visitors on the world wide web.

Web Site
A collection of hyperlinked web pages organized at the same domain name.

A process where by sound and/or video is broadcast online. The process can deliver live or prerecorded information. Often advertisements are inserted at the beginning of the broadcast.

A term used loosely to describe an individual assigned to administering a web site. Typical duties might include updating pages, correcting errors, fixing links or responding to technical inquiries.

Full screen animated ads accompanied by professional voice over and sound effects. Usually appear between web pages for 5-30 seconds and used for branding purposes.

World Wide Web
A part of the Internet containing web pages that can be viewed using a browser.