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Advertising Dictionary

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Advertising Category: L

Landing Page
The page on a web site where one is taken after clicking on a advertisement. While this can be any page, it is often a page designed to expand on the service or product mentioned in the initial advertisment.

Term used to describe a person or company that has expressed interest in an offer. Companies follow up on leads in hopes of converting them into customers.

Lead Product
A type of product, may be sold at a loss, that is used to help companies generate new customers.

Life Time Value
Term used to describe the monetary value of a customer to a company over the cutomers lifetime.

Line Item
A unit of advertising that is sold by the publisher to the advertiser. It specifies the details of the sale, such as site, section, ad size, date(s) to run, cost, etc.

Log File
A type of computer file on a web server that keeps records of a servers activitysome of the data recorded include page requests and errors.

Loss Leader
A product or service that loses money but due to its low advertised price gets consumers into stores where the advertiser hopes they will purchase other products or services.

Loss Leader
A type of product that is sold at a loss to help companies generate new customers. Companies hope the new customers gained from this type of sale will generate profits on future purchases.