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Advertising Dictionary

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Advertising Category: E

End Date
The date on which an advertising campaign ends.

Abbreviation for earnings per click. Calculated by deviding the total earnings from click throughs by the number of clicks.

Abbreviation for earnings per visitor. Calculated by deviding the total earnings from visitors by the number of visitors.

If an advertiser requests their banner not be shown in rotation on the desired pages, they are requesting exclusivity. Publishers tend to charge more for this since since it limits the number of advertisers they can accept for those pages to one.

Exit Exchange
An arrangement between two or more sites in which each site shows advertisments for other sites in exchange for the others doing the same.

Exit Traffic
Type of web visitor traffic in which visitors leaving a site click on a popup or popunder advertisment - otherwise know as a exit console.

Banner ads placed in the extra space in the right column of Internet web pages.