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6 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

October 29th, 2013 3:34 am

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways of earning money online. This option gives anyone a chance to make an income via the Internet. However, like all businesses, there are several pitfalls in the affiliate marketing industry. Committing some of the most common mistakes will cost you your time, money, your reputation and potentially worst case scenario your entire business. This is why it is better to avoid them, than be regretful in the end.

Misusing Banner Ads

Here are something that all people hate and the mistakes that you should not be making, which is too many ads banner on your blog. The blog owner thinks that if they have many banner ads on the blog, there will be higher chances of people click it. The truth is if your blog does not provide good informative content but only content affiliate ads banner, you will never make good money out of it. There must be giving then only there is taking. You need to provide good informative information on your blog to attract readers. When you blog gain more traffic, it will be higher chances on people click your banner ads to purchase even if you put 1 or 2 ads banner on your page. Always remember that it’s proven that most readers have mentality of ignoring banner ads and you need to provide them the reason why they should purchase through your compelling content.

Not Building an Email List

It’s important to build an email list in the affiliate marketing field. If you want your affiliate internet marketing business to be a successful one, you would need to start collecting your email list. With the email list, you can start reaching out to new prospect. You could even upsell the other products that you are affiliating as the email list is your niche. Here is what you would need to do. Start putting opt in box on your blog and start collecting your own email list. You can also improve your opt in rate by giving freebies to those who is willing to give you their email.

Selling Products that You Have No Knowledge

You should never start your affiliate business on products or services that you have no knowledge on. Image if a prospect asks you some questions related and you are not able to answer. You could be in risk of losing business reputation. You should only sell products that you are familiar or you are passion about. Say if you don’t know about the product but you are passion on it, you will always take the extra mile to dig out what does the product do and how it will benefit the people who are buying it. Do your necessary research and ensure you have the adequate knowledge before you start affiliating it online on it.

No Commitment

If you want to be successful in the affiliate Internet marketing, you would need to have commitment and show that you are hungry for success. There are many times that people gave up because they don’t see the money coming in short period of time. Like any other business, affiliate marketing needs time and effort to grow. The affiliate business doesn’t grow in 2-3 weeks time. You will need to focus and provide your 100% towards this business. You cannot expect that once you startup your blog and put in the ads banner, you will be able to be success in affiliate marketing. You need to work out the driving traffic to your site to start monetizing it.

Advertising the Wrong Product

You need to know your niche and advertise the right product. You wouldn’t want to advertise something that’s totally irrelevant to your niche. Here is a good example of mistakes that people made. There are great affiliate program that offers high commission and some blogger starts to put the advertisement on their blog even though it’s totally irrelevant to their field. This action will not bring any profit to their blog as there will not be anyone clicks on your ads. So you need to know what is the right product/service to advertise on your blog and it must be the same niche as your blog.


In regardless of what business field you are in, laziness is the number 1 thing that you should be avoiding. Once you have started up your campaign, you should be following up and know what to do next. There is some occurrence where when the blog owner is earning some income, they tend to slack off. If previously they are posting 4 times a week, they will only post twice a week since they are earning money now. This is not the right attitude that you should adopt. You should be consistent or even doing more and not slacking off. There is no one time effort for Internet Marketing but to grow and keep the profit as it is, it will need time and effort from you.

Tips for Effective Email Marketing

August 14th, 2013 7:43 am

Today almost every website has a strategy for email marketing and this surely is one of the best ways to proceed. Almost everyone shops online these days and hence you need to make sure that your business has an amazing web presence.

Even though email marketing is one of the most popular ways to let people know about your business, not many people know what needs to be done in order to be successful. Therefore, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you out: Remember, if you can get it right you will see an increase in conversions, return customers and referrals. It’s well worth the effort.


Keep your layout simple and keep the message simple. These days many of your recipients are probably multi-tasking as they view your message. If you bombard them with too much information or too much choice or a difficult layout to scan, then the chances are high you will not get their attention. Instead you will be ignored or even worse, you may just overwhelm them to the point that they unsubscribe.


Your prospects and clients deserve consideration. They don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant and unattractive email messages. Before you hit send on any campaign have a think about it from the point of view of your recipient.

– Is the information relevant?
– Will it be of interest to your recipient?
– Does your message look professional?
– Are you proud to have your name on this message?

Quality also encompasses how you manage your campaign process. Consider sending your newsletters using a reputable email service provider to avoid formatting and deliverability issues that are common with using outlook or other non specialist services.


Now is your opportunity to really do email marketing well with long term payback. Try not to think of email marketing as just another selling opportunity. Consider the sending of an email message as an opportunity to build a quality relationship with your prospects and clients.

Treat your email recipients with respect and value the opportunity to keep in touch. A relationship with your prospects and clients can last a lifetime and can develop into many referrals over time. Of course, it’s still important to go after the direct and immediate results but put the time and effort into making email marketing a long term strategy and really reap the benefits.

Social Media

Social Media like Twitter and Facebook are growing at a rapid pace and can no longer be ignored. If you are not already utilizing these mediums to build relationships and market your business then now is the time to get started.

Just like a piece of web content can become viral as people share it across social networks, your email promotions can get a big boost by making it easy to share them. One way to make your emails interactive is to include share-to-social functionality in your emails. This is basically links that allow your recipients to click and upload a link to your email to their social networking accounts.

The second way to share is to consider including social media links in your newsletters. Include images and links to promote your Twitter profile and Facebook profile or page. This provides opportunity for your readers to connect further with you in other ways.

Remember that implementing the above will only work if content is good and worth sharing!

Remember that the end result of your email marketing should be to build relationships with your recipients over time that will ultimately result in more business and more referrals for you. And so, if you don’t regularly send your newsletter to reach out and “touch” potential clients regularly, you need to start sending it more often.